7 - Dragon Age

Dragon Age 1, 2 & 3 (Inquisition). All told a pretty solid Bioware (Before EA) RPG. Romances are possible and pretty much G rated. Inquisition is supposed to be the best but with utterly repetitive side quests and never ceasing materials gathering it is VERY sporadic. Plus I turned on the trials and it leveled me up VERY fast and after that happened, nightmare is a snap. Dragons are less than a minute and pretty much everything else is a two shot or less. Most of the time, a one shot. The two DLC's for Inquisition also can overlevel you very fast.

Actually, I prefer origins (1). Better story.

Is it worth a replay? Since I am doing that right now I suppose the answer is yes. Is it worth a 3 play? Maybe after another 4 years.