Link to e-commerce example - Business website setup.

On the old website I had a complete shopping cart with inventory, credit cards and all. Since I am doing a remodel/revamp all that is temporarily gone. I have this material here as a placeholder but please realize that a placeholder is all it is. I did not want to lose the words I had already written (I nearly did for the entire old site) so I threw them here.

You want your business online but you don't know how to do it. I can come in, make you a website and email server and then show you how to maintain it. I need to know what type of business you have and what precisely you want it to do.

To start off, you need to have some form of internet connection that is always on (cable or dsl are the most common). You also need a computer. While I can use an old computer and do a very serviceable job, realize that the more capable the computer is, the faster your website will be. Also realize that you are far far better if what you have is a desktop computer since laptops are very hard to upgrade significantly. Nowadays I would probably say that any quad core with at least 4 gig of ram (I have 4 in my server) would do quite well. Next we need to have a domain name for your business. For example, you are on the website. It's the name of my business and has been for years. We will have to search to get a domain name that is good for you and then get it set up with the internet DNS's. Anyway we can do this.