22871226: Ok, it's time to make Preston happy. Let's take back their Citadel. Preston bailed and said to meet him there so Piper and I went down to Diamond City so I could go to the medic and I could get healed and buy ammo. I had bought a automatic explosive .45 tommy gun that was silenced. Damm that thing does a LOT of damage and damm it goes through the ammo. I bought every bit of .45 in Diamond City. We stopped off at the Brotherhood HQ to pick up some power armor. The minutemen don't seem to hanker much for armor but any monster big enough to take out a fort full of soldiers is gonna get my full respect. I even brought a quickdraw missile launcher I had in inventory.

Finally get down there to the Citadel and it's me, Piper, Preston and three Minutemen. Let's go get 'em. The place was full of mirelurks and after we killed the regular mirelurks (which to be honest wasn't too bad) then a giant one came. Only to run into some mines I had scattered liberally around the castle to prevent reinforcements attacking us from behind. Ok, it was a LOT of mines. Only one minuteman died.

I scrapped everything I could once we were done but it was not enough scrap. I'm gonna have to go and earn some caps to afford the supplies to fix this place up. I just don't have enough for right now. Concrete, copper, crystal and circuits. I'm gonna take Preston with me for a while. Let's start some more missions.