22871225: Came back to starlight to good news. The redhead is pregnant. She's on light duty until she delivers. It's either Covenant or Diamond City the month before delivery. I would not trust Doc Winters with a pair of forceps near any woman of mine. I told all the girls there that this baby is every one of theirs. If they want a child of their own, come to my bed. If they want to hook up with someone else, it is no problem. Just come to me and I will transfer them to a settlement. The deal is the same, if they get pregnant, then they will get their own dwelling. I asked June (that is the redheads name) if she wanted her own dwelling and she said no. She'd rather stay with her friends.

My wife (at the moment it is Piper), shares the dangers and my bed when we are on the road. When I am in a settlement I am in my bed which is open to sharing.

It is what I kinda thought. Backup my ass.

Question: Why go to a vault to kidnap someone? Answer: Several components

    You are afraid of the outside
    Lack of sufficient genetic variation inside
    Radiation damage to the existing surface population genome
    Go where there is no radiation damage
    Grab the specimen you want

Why was I spared/ thawed? They based everything on Shawn's genome. Half of that is mine. As an adult I am far less easy to mold. So you steal a child. Why me/Shawn. For that I truly have no clue but I can tell yu this. Me being thawed was deliberate.

So there you have it. The Institute took Shawn. Now the big question is .... WHEN? When did they take him? Need more information.