Go to Taffington and clear out. It sounds simple doesn't it. And in truth clearing it out was not real problem. It's right over the hill from Covenant so I could go to a Doctor if necessary. Sooner or later I'm gonna have to help the guy tracking down the missing caravan, but not now. Kill some giant mosquitos, back to Starlight for a provisioner, back to Taffington and it's ready to start. I got a beacon here and patched the roof with an internal flat patch and looked around at basically no resources.

What some folks don't know/remember is that I grew up helping my Father and Grandfather build houses. I used the GI Bill later to get myself a Business degree and worked as a contractor. A contractor is a person who builds or repairs houses and things for other people. You have to remember, I was a businessman. We need money, Period. Looting is cool but we need a steadier source of caps. Preferably one that does not involve me getting shot at. The farms are a start but they are small change. We need enough for us to buy regular shipments of necessary supplies.

The options are:

  • Food: Put the settlers to work. I have to hand pick the crops though. The crops sell for 2-3 each.
  • Water: Purified water sells for 10 each but the settlers collect it without my presence
  • Drugs: Cattle Farm + plastic = free jet. which sells for $25 each