Getting back down to Somerville Place was no easier the second time. I promise that I will not go there lightly. I gave them the news, killed a sentrybot on the hill that was taking pot shots at us and then built them a settlers site (3 days). I'm going to imitate what I did at Finch Farm and send a bunch of female farmers down here. He has kids!!! Three youths working in the garden.

I'm going to make it a policy for all of our settlements. Anyone who marries up and especially if a pair gets pregnant, they will get their own place in the settlement. Daniel will get his own floor as soon as he hooks up with one or more of the women. So will Jake. I fixed the roof of the old house in Somerville place so it does not leak so badly. When the father of the settlement gets hitched, we'll move the kids out so the newly married couple can have quality time.

The little redhead in Starlight has been in fairly often. Like when I come back to Starlight, she's already in bed there except there was another one of the girls there the last time. Piper being with me on the road makes things a LOT more fun in the evenings. Especially since I pretty much refuse to travel at night. Piper tickles but goes absolutely nuts if you blow in her ear (who would have thought that for a reporter)?