Somerville Place before the Minutemen Construction crew.

Heading down to Sommerville Place. Damm that is far south. There was a waystation just over the hill from Oberlin. Looks like the woman that lived there was a cannibal. Just past the cannibal was a deathclaw. Dammed good thing they cannot climb the stairs of a waystation. That was not the worst of it. Further south there was a sentry bot patrolling the railroad tracks and killing anything it saw. Then gunners and then supermutants and a swamp.

When we got there..... Lord was it worth it. Single man with 2 children. Two. Young. Children. I'm gonna beef this place up and protect the hell out of them. He's worried about beasts at an empty place coming to bother him. The last time I had one like this it was 7 molerats. And the place is WAY north. He's not worried about the gunner outpost a tad to the north. Or the supermutants living across the swamp from him. No, he's worried about something almost as far north as Abernathy. It make no sense.

But we will fix it. Providing I can survive the trip back north. And Piper deciding to have it out with anything that looks at us crosseyed. With her instincts it's a wonder that they have a press at all in Diamond city.