The Fraternal Order of the Police building is now cleared. One supermutant, one shot, one dead supermutant. Mind you there was a shitpot of them waiting as we exited the building. You never saw anyone drop loot so fast in your life. After we escaped them it was back to Oberlin Station and then to Starlight. We get to starlight just as it was being attacked by gunners. Saw Preston using a minigun, probably looted off of a body. Now that is what I like to see.

Piper came to my bed the night of the ninth in the brewery before we traveled to Starlight. Unasked for, nervous and flustered. She likes being in charge and she certainly was not for this little encounter. OTOH, it WAS private and there was nobody there to care if we did make noise. And yes, we both smoke after sex. It is handy to have looted an ashtray though., Makes it seem like you are civilized.

Next will be way down south to Somerville Place to clear out a potential settlement location.