22871208: Heading for some place to the south. A gunner nest on top of the freeway. No major loot. Keep heading south. Found a Doctor. I mean a real doctor in a hut enroute. A ghoul though once upon a time a looker. That needle (shudder). Also don't bother having a ghoul doctor fix your rad problems since you will pick up more rads being near them. And then.... a beer factory!! Chaaaaaarge!!! Would you believe it... not a dammed drop of beer in that factory. A few raiders but no beer. Dammit. So we get down to Oberland station and what a waste of time or space. Two women holed up in a railroad lookout tower. It's obvious to me. We are never going to have a real settlement or city asking for our help or intervention. We're going to have to grow these things. Have people move in. One of the settlers though mentioned they knew of another vault location. Vault 81. I'll want to check it out as soon as I have the time. Tell you what. I'm gonna continue to build these farms until I can pick a master level lock. I hate leaving loot behind because I cannot pick the lock. The thing is I don't want to try and deal with a Vault or Army base twice. So I'm going to hold off on them until I can totally clean them out. Especially since too many of the bases will use encrypted doors that I simply cannot open without sufficient hacking. I've seen lotsa civilian places to investigate.

I went to Oberlin and talked with the girls there. It seems like they want some supermutants removed from the Fraternal Order of Police right by the BOS HQ in Cambridge. I'm thinking less and less of the BOS by the day. Ok, let me get back there but it is probably going to take me a day or so to make it safely.