22871203: The fireworks is done. Very tough fight. I even convinced the kid to go home to papa. We'll leave the farm first thing in the morning for County Cross to help them out with their raiders. I'm slowly getting an idea for what the commonwealth can provide for a settlement. Answer... not a lot but a hell of a lot better than what they are living in. At least mine don't leak. And they are expandable with potential privacy.

But it takes about 2 days to build a place once I have the supplies. Usually I have to go back to starlight to find a provisioner. I would have used Jake (the wayward son) but he wanted to stay and try to get back in his families good graces. I overheard a wonderful conversation between Abigale and Daniel. She's telling him he needs a wife and he's telling her that the number of women to choose from is not exactly large. Lucy Abernathy was mentioned and dismissed by Daniel as too young. The conversation ended with both feeling dissatisfied.

"Abigale... let's take a short walk." I call her over and we go down by the waters edge. " I overheard you and Daniel talking and I share your concern. I think your farm needs some more workers so I'm going to send you some. Oddly enough, the people I have in mind are all women and all are currently working the farm at one of my settlements."

"More workers? Do you really think we need more workers." She looked at me a little sharply. She is NOT a fool and is the real boss of this farm.

"I think you do if you want to defend this place. As a side benefit it is also going to give Daniel some more options. Plus if they decide to get hitched, I'll bring a work crew over and we'll build them their own private little place. Away from yours. In fact tell Jake to move out and into the building I just made. If Daniel does decide to get married, we'll build a floor on there just for him and his wife or wives."

"Wives?? What do you mean?" Now she is looking distressed. The idea really upsets her. She had enough trouble catching Abraham.

Time to lay on the charm. "Well since I've been here in the Commonwealth I have noticed that we don't have enough kids. If you EVER want to be a grandmother then Daniel and Jake later better start thinking about and doing more than thinking about getting married. The more women Daniel marries the greater the chances of you having a grandbaby. at the word grandchild all resistance to the idea went away. Like I said, not dumb. "So marriage in our commonwealth is going to become a LOT more open.

We finally wrap things up and head for County Cross. I have a date with some raiders near there.