8 - Eldar Scrolls

A Bethesda Game/Series. Morrowind was the first I played, then Oblivion and last Skyrim. Waaaaay too many hours playing Skyrim, which means I enjoyed the heck out of it. There is stuff to do and find all over the map which is their joy and problem. The joy lies in exploring the map and the problem is they really don't make engaging plot lines. Ok, of the three Oblivion was best for plot. Very enjoyable just for wandering and poking your nose into things.

Morrowind is still playable in a klunky kind of way. The graphics are not that great but it was the first of the "go anywhere's". These days mod the hell out of the game. Get a mod for improving the graphics and enjoy the game. In some ways I prefer it to Oblivion or Skyrim since it did not level it's dungeons. Stick your nose into the wrong place and you die. I like that. I might later list all the mods I use on this.