8 - Fallout

Fallouts 1,2, 3, New Vegas and 4. First a caveat, the only reason Fallout got this high was Survival mode in Fallout 4. I am STILL having a hoot playing that and I have been playing it for 2 months now in this mode. (Writing the diary slows me down.)

1 & 2 : Over the shoulder click and move with button mashing combat action. The story makes these games worthwhile and that is why I would play them now.

Fallout 3: Bethesda bought the Fallout franchise and made it a first person go anywhere like elder scrolls. I think the game is better for it but it makes the purist cringe (I am not a purist). The storyline is not that great but the Capitol Wasteland is a wonder to explore.

Fallout 4: Again a first person explorer. I really dislike some of the canned responses you have as the Sole Survivor and he is the most clueless protagonist in the universe but just wandering around is ok. For me though where the game really took off and became massively fun was when I started playing in the new survival mode. IMO in survival mode it rocks. See my accompanying dairy about wandering the Commonwealth in Survival mode.

Here is the problem though, and it is a total problem with all of the Fallout's from 3 on. It is also the reason why the Witcher 3 took all of the Game of the Year awards. All of the sidequests in Fallout (and dragon age for that matter) are

  1. Go there
  2. Kill that/loot that
  3. return
  4. Get reward

In other words...... boring. I realized I was typing the same thing over and over in the diary. So around February I decided I would only do the main storyline/plot points in the diary. Hopefully it will make it more readable.