A Short History of Housedraco

A short History of Housedraco: (to be spoken aloud.... all such histories are actually oral.) Lets tell a tale of the founding and growth of Housedraco. In the dim and distant time past a lonely Dunedain of the wilds, a certain Roi Cabani' accepted a transfer to a unit in the deep southern plains. Once there he met a fair young hobbit lass named Cand'i who was frequenting a tavern which supported his company. Though the differences in height were somewhat troubling, Roi perceived certain advantages in it and continued to frequent where she was, pursuing a goal only he could perceive. Through the passage of time and many shared pleasures of time (including exploration into random dungeons, adventuring into and out of strange realms and stranger times, and the wearing of abnormal costumes.) they tripped over sundry objects, fell into each others arms and married. While they had three children when he was protecting the realm the absences from his family bothered Roy and he mustered out before it was time to retire (though truth be told it was growing riskier each year to be a member of the protectors/Guard.) They returned to the wild where he found comfortable shade trees to sit beneath and teach younglings how they might better survive in the world. Cand'i raised the children until they could be thrown out of the house. (a gentle cough and long pause...... ahhhh sent forth to learn their destiny) With the children gone they each now have time to pursue additional interests, Cand'i with cloth and leather and Roi with wood and steel.

The eldest of these was Am'bar who grew into a maid who disliked the idea of going far from what she knew. A maid of the home who finds comfort in the familiar, Am'bar strayed not far. Those who meet her note the resemblance between her and her mother, though her stature in greater due to her normal sized father. A short human is her appearance being admittedly stout as her mother is.

T'roi Alan was next.. A son who desired not to linger in his fathers shadow,T'Roi's talents lay more in the realm of wizardry. T'Roi Alan resolved to venture away and made his way near the great city of the North. After finding employment in the realm's magical guard (for he had a certain talent in those fields) T'Roi met a maiden whilst frequenting a tavern. (What is it with the Cabani' men and their fondness for wenches, ale and food?) This lass, yclept Kiera, was a city girl, born in the shadow of the great city to solid citizens thereof. She knew little of the world beyond the shadow of the city (though to be fair.... the city cast a VERY long shadow.) but her knowledge of the city ways is both broad and deep. The exotic tales of his youthful travels and potential career in wizardry fascinated the lass whilst he found intrigue and interest in her deep knowledge of the inner workings of city life. Deciding that life together is far better than life apart they married and reside, for the moment, in the shadow of the Great city where he is now a full fledged Craftsman of Wizardry. Tall and skinny he more resembles his father the more Kiera feeds him as the skinny slowly goes away. With an offspring (Sol'omon) hatched and another on the way it is fair to say that eventually T'roi might notice that his lawn needs mowing.

The youngest is ...... odd. Named for the Goddess of prose and inspiration, Rhia'non most resembles and acts like a wood elf (though she is NOT a changeling as she frequently claims). Of the three childer she most resembles her father in stubbornness and pig headiness. To accompany that she also most resembles him in "doing what ya gotta do". She has also served as a Dunedain in the Guard but her service was brief since her distaste for regimentation made it difficult. It must also be noted that her love of the hunters of the wyld (particularly the cats) also acted against her staying a Guard since the dammed things won't feed themselves. She also has found a shade tree to sit (or stand and prance about) and teach the wonders of the written and spoken word. She spends an inordinate amount of time caring for a obese lump of fur who treats her as a scullion maid. She has the height of the mother and the features of the father but no one knows whence the skinniness comes from (save perhaps Roi's grandmother Beatrice).