Dragon Home aka housedraco

Housedraco is self referential name our family has adopted. Since the domain name I really wanted was already taken in 1996 this was our chosen alternative. The house of the dragons. It consists of Roy (Daddy Dragon), Candi (Mommy Dragon), Amber (Fairy Dragon), Rhiannon (Kitty Dragon), Alan (Tech Dragon), Kara (???? Dragon) and last but certainly not least Solomon (the Newtling). Each of us has our own things we find interesting that we wish to communicate about. It is also the home of certain businesses and such that we are associated with. This is very much a work in process as I finally decided to make some changes from a long existing web site. In some cases you may see a link that the page will not allow you to follow. That is because some of the pages/links are things I do not wish an outsider to know or see. Anyway, have fun with the website and have a good day.

May your villages be flammmable, cattle plentiful and the gold comfortable.